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machen Sentence Examples

  • Machen, with an introduction by Miss A.

  • Still, despite his scholarly accomplishments, Machen was hardly the sort of figure to attract front page coverage in the metropolitan dailies.

  • morgen früh einen Einkaufsbummel zu machen?

  • By 1907 Machen was seriously interested in writing again, but much more interested in quasi religious polemics than in fiction.

  • Machen, with an introduction by Miss A.

  • In the preface to the second edition of the Kritik he says that it was necessary to limit speculative reason to a knowledge of phenomena, in order to allow practical reason to proceed from morality to the assumption of God, freedom, and immortality, existing beyond phenomena: " Ich musste also das Wissen aufheben, urn zum Glauben Platz zu machen."

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