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hunter-gatherer Sentence Examples

  • Specifically the set of information-processing machines were designed to solve problems faced by our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

  • hunter-gatherer ancestors to survive.

  • hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the African Desert, then get in touch.

  • hunter-gatherer society, would be able to bring out the best in human nature.

  • hunter-gatherer cultures have occupied the area continuously from about 7,000 years ago up to the present.

  • hunter-gatherer band containing six hunters, who all go hunting independently.

  • hunter-gatherer groups, similar to those of plains groups to the south.

  • And it equates to the hunter-gatherer who got sustenance by hunting mastodons and gathering berries.

  • Keep him chasing you: Back in the hunter-gatherer days, guys hunted for food and worked hard to get it.

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