Headon sentence examples

  • in Headon Hill, and the cliffs are magnificent.

  • a, Chalk; b, Woolwich and Reading beds; c, London clay; d, Bagshot series; e, Headon series; f, g, Osborne and Bembridge series.

  • After the recording of Combat Rock, the Clash fired Topper Headon due to his heroin addiction.

  • Topper Headon is the Human Drum Machine, the man behind the kit for most of the Clash's recordings.

  • Joe Strummer said "We would have been absolutely lost if it wasn't for Topper Headon".

  • Headon joined the Clash in between the recording and release of their first album.

  • During the recording of "Give 'Em Enough Rope", Sandy Pearlman gave Headon the nickname "The Human Drum Machine", because he never made mistakes.

  • In many gig reviews, the phrase "Headon's drumming carried them through", or something like it, will appear.

  • The Clash recorded an amazing first album with Terry Chimes, but without Headon, the band would have been lost.

  • Headon's drumming continued onto London Calling, where he was more than a match for the numerous genres the Clash took on.

  • On Combat Rock, it's credited to "The Clash", but Headon was responsible for most of "Rock The Casbah".

  • The whole band admits that Headon wrote the song, but not many people are aware of it.

  • During his tenure with the Clash, Headon got addicted to heroin, and it proved to be a habit he couldn't kick.

  • After the recording of Combat Rock, Headon was given an ultimatum: Kick the habit, or leave the band.

  • This was really the beginning of the end for the Clash, because Headon's drumming had been the cohesive force holding the band together.

  • Later, in the documentary "Westway to the World", Headon admitted that if he had been able to kick heroin, he could still see the band being together.

  • Still, Headon admits that even knowing what would have happened to the band, he probably would not have been able to kick the habit.

  • Three of the band members, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Topper Headon, appear decked out in fine clothes and new equipment.

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