Eugenic sentence examples

  • EUGENOL (allyl guaiacol, eugenic acid), C10H1202,anodoriferous principle; it is the chief constituent of oil of cloves, and occurs in many other essential oils.

  • The relation between nudism and eugenics was complex, and use of an aesthetic discourse is no simple marker of eugenic thought or of fascism.

  • eugenic movements.

  • Lord Alton had written to Mr Blair about fetal experimentation and eugenic abortion.

  • eugenic abortions for disability.

  • eugenic ideas.

  • eugenic policies.

  • eugenic sterilization of " feeble-minded or racially inferior women.

  • eugenic practices, in particular, those whose objective is the selection of persons " .

  • pro-life stance, challenging the eugenic clause on several grounds that closely foreshadow Jepson.

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