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dbl Sentence Examples

  • DBL: When corn mazes first came out, it was such a new novelty.

  • DBL: Well, I had to get Summit Entertainment's.

  • DBL: Normally you plot in one direction, but when we plot the corn for the maze we plot it in two directions.

  • DBL: Yes, my son vows that he's faster than my husband and that makes my husband mad!

  • DBL: Yeah, we've had some people from Colorado, Idaho, and Arizona come here and visit because of the design.

  • DBL: Well, we try to educate as well as entertain.

  • DBL: Yes, it is actually on my side of the family.

  • DBL: Yeah, it's a lot of fun - I wouldn't change it.

  • DBL: Yes, that would be absolutely great!

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