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squealed Sentence Examples

  • The screen door squealed open and a deep warm voice called her name.

  • The screen door squealed as he opened it.

  • Toby squealed again and bounced to his feet, beginning a whirling dance.

  • "Alex!" she squealed in mock fear.

  • She squealed and whirled to run.

  • The screen door squealed and slammed, and then Alex spoke.

  • Tim squealed, bringing Carmen's attention back to the boys.

  • She squealed in mock protest and he chuckled.

  • The wooden planks on the old porch cracked a smart welcome and the screen door squealed with delight when she opened it.

  • She squealed and bent over to collect more snow.

  • She grabbed his shoulders, gyrated a bit and squealed, No, Jackson and Elisabeth are.

  • She squealed and he lowered her feet to the ground, gently pulling her close.

  • In a corner of the room something red and tiny gave a grunt and squealed in Mary Bogdanovna's trembling white hands.

  • As she completed setting the table, the screen door squealed and Cade opened the door.

  • Eureka stuck up her nose at such food, but the tiny piglets squealed delightedly at the sight of the crackers and ate them up in a jiffy.

  • Destiny squealed and when Alex turned to look at her, she lifted her arms for him to pick her up.

  • The storm door squealed a protest as he left the house, and the porch moaned with each step he took away from her.

  • Destiny squealed with delight and did it again.

  • The stairs groaned as she climbed and the door squealed as she opened it.

  • He recognized Edwin Mayer and a few of the other employees of World Wide, although he didn't see Jackie Rudman, the young man who had squealed on Cece Baldwin.

  • She screamed with glee when the little things squealed and squirmed in their efforts to get back to their mother, and spelled, "Baby--eat large."

  • As they climbed out of the car, a screen door squealed on the front porch and a short stocky man emerged, running a hand through graying hair.

  • "Isn't this exciting?" she squealed.

  • When they spotted his truck, Destiny squealed.

  • His voice startled her to the point that she squealed.

  • When Destiny squealed and Jonathan laughed, it broke the spell.

  • The engine roared and his tires squealed down the street.

  • Rhyn's mate squealed loud enough for Deidre to jump.

  • When she opened up the Christmas present she had been hoping for, Annetta squealed, "Ahh!" with excitement.

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