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shako Sentence Examples

  • Interesting that he has a blue frock coat and Shako.

  • The corps wore the shako until the introduction of the home service pattern green spiked helmet in 1878.

  • The second Albert pattern Shako which I am wearing in these pictures is home made from felt and kitchen lino.

  • shako plate.

  • He wore an unfastened cloak, wide breeches hanging down in creases, and a crumpled shako on the back of his head.

  • In front came a man wearing a strange shako and a blue cloak, swarthy, sunburned, and with a hooked nose.

  • He now saw clearly the figure of a red-haired gunner with his shako knocked awry, pulling one end of a mop while a French soldier tugged at the other.

  • On that very meadow he had ridden over the day before, a soldier was lying athwart the rows of scented hay, with his head thrown awkwardly back and his shako off.

  • The young officer, his hand to his shako, ran up to his superior.

  • This one, a young soldier, his face deadly pale, his shako pushed back, and his musket resting on the ground, still stood near the pit at the spot from which he had fired.

  • In the town I was shown a number of articles picked up from the battlefield including a sword hilt and a battered shako plate.

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