Roscommon sentence examples

  • Brian and Fiachra, sons of Eochaid Muigmed61n, conquered for themselves the country of the Ui Briuin (Roscommon, Leitrim, Cavan) and Tir Fiachrach, the territory of the Firbolg tribe the Fir Domnann in the valley of the Moy (Co.

  • In Roscommon there was a strike against rent, especially on the property of Lord De Freyne.

  • He was for many years a pastor of a Protestant church at Caen, and became tutor to Wentworth Dillon, earl of Roscommon.

  • The north and north-west portions of the lower peninsula - including the counties of Roscommon and Missaukee, parts of Wexford and Ogemaw, and those to the north and northwest of these - are occupied by a rolling plateau which attains an elevation at its highest point, north of its centre, of upwards of 1100 ft.

  • Roscommon, and nearest living representative of the Castle Hyde family of co.

  • Down Sheep Breeders' Association, the Shropshire Sheep Breeders' Association and Flock Book Society, the Southdown Sheep Society, the Suffolk Sheep Society, the Border Leicester Sheep Breeders' Society, the Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Breeders' Association and Flock Book Society, the Incorporated Wensleydale Blue-faced Sheep Breeders' Association and Flock Book Society, the Kent Sheep Breeders' Association, the Devon Longwool Sheep Breeders' Society, the Dorset Horn Sheep Breeders' Association, the Cheviot Sheep Society and the Roscommon Sheep Breeders' Association.

  • CHARLES O'CONOR (1804-1884), American lawyer, was born in the city of New York on the 22nd of January 1804, and was the son of Thomas O'Conor (1770-18J5), who in 1801 emigrated from Roscommon county, Ireland, to New York, where he devoted himself chiefly to journalism.

  • by Roscommon, S.E.

  • The urban district, under the Local Government (Ireland) Act 1900, is wholly in county Westmeath, but the same area is divided by the Shannon between the parliamentary divisions of South Westmeath and South Roscommon.

  • serves counties Roscommon and Mayo.

  • In 1797 the town was strongly fortified on the Roscommon side, the works covering 15 acres and containing two magazines, an ordnance store, an armoury with 15,000 stands of arms and barracks for 1500 men.

  • The longwool breeds are the Leicester, Border Leicester, Cotswold, Lincoln, Kent, Devon Longwool, South Devon, Wensleydale and Roscommon.

  • These breeds are all English, except the Border Leicester, Cheviot and Scotch Black-face, which belong to Scotland; the Welsh Mountain, which belongs to Wales; and the Roscommon, which is Irish.

  • The Roscommon - the one breed of modern sheep native to Ireland - is indebted for its good qualities largely to the use of Leicester blood.

  • The river Suck, an affluent of the Shannon, divides it into two parts, of which the eastern was in county Roscommon until 1898.

  • (c) Connaught (western midlands): Counties Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo.

  • Picts are also represented as having settled in the county of Roscommon; but we have at present no means of ascertaining when this invasion took place.

  • This reckless and lawless practice extended to several counties, but was worst in Galway and Roscommon.

  • The white-faced breeds include the Leicester, Border Leicester, Lincoln, Kentish, Cheviot, Ryeland, Devon Longwool, South Devon, Dorset and Somerset Horn, Limestone, Penistone, Exmoor and Roscommon.

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