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pompeian Sentence Examples

  • Here he bravely defended himself against the attacks of the Pompeian commander, Marcus Octavius, but in a few months died of illness (48 or the beginning of 47).

  • Each region produces a special type, Venetia turning out imitations of 16th- and I 7th-century styles, Tuscany the 15th-century or cinquecento style, and the Neapolitan provinces the Pompeian style.

  • He joined the Pompeian party, and organized bands of mercenaries and gladiators to support the cause by public violence in opposition to P. Clodius, who gave similar support to the democratic cause.

  • Among private residences, the mansion built by Dr Schliemann, the discoverer of Troy, is the most noteworthy; its decorations are in the Pompeian style.

  • He was rapturously welcomed on the Pompeian side; but he brought no great strength with him, and his ill fortune under Pompey was as marked as his success had been under Caesar.

  • Publius Cornelius Lentulus, called Spinther from his likeness to an actor of that name, one of the chief adherents, of the Pompeian party.

  • In some of the Pompeian houses the lararium was represented by a niche only, containing the image of the lar.

  • For the Pompeian wall-painting representing Solomon's judgment (the figures are pygmies!), see A.

  • Here the manuscripts have "Scythicis" - "deo ut noceat," of which deo is rejected by every one in favour of the Pompeian reading, but Scythicis and noceat are retained on the ground that they are in themselves better than the Pompeian readings, which may be simply due to lapse of memory.

  • The front hall, corridors and apartments are painted in the Pompeian style, with brilliant colours and with great artistic skill.

  • Among them was Cicero, whose letters abound with allusions to his Pompeian villa.

  • Recent works on the Pompeian frescoes are those of Berger, in Die Maltechnik des Alterthums, and A.

  • In the conflict between Caesar and the Pompeian party Varro was more than once actively engaged.

  • Like Cicero, Varro received harsh treatment from Mark Antony after the Pompeian defeat.

  • A large additional space for exhibits was made in 1904, when the western half of the second floor was added, and the building as now arranged contains the large bronzes and statues on the ground floor; a gallery of Pompeian frescoes in the entresol; the library, picture gallery and small bronzes on the first floor; and the glass, jewelry, arms, papyri, gems, and the unique collection of ItaloGreek vases, on the second floor.

  • In 48 B.C. during the civil war he commanded his father's fleet in the Adriatic. After the battle of Pharsalus he set out for Africa with the remainder of the Pompeian party, but, meeting with little success, crossed over to Spain.

  • The park also includes the Charlottenhof, a reproduction of a Pompeian villa.

  • After the outbreak of the civil war he commanded the Pompeian troops at Corfinium, but was obliged to surrender.

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