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lm Sentence Examples

  • lmt, lm; (3) m.

  • Illn m111 I1111-1111mMnl nnmula?awl 'iIfl'll 1111'Iil?muull 'Ithnl?,aihlal l n u lm mu un IlunUmMNU 1. ?

  • Then, if we take ordinates Kb, Lg, Mc, Nd, Pf, equal to B'B, GG', C'C, D'D, FF', the figure abgcdfe will be the equivalent trapezoid, and any ordinate drawn from the base to the a LM N P e X top of this trapezoid will be equal to the portion of this ordinate (produced) which falls within the original figure.

  • y where K-=4, X qth moment with regard to plane y =o, Lm yn X pth moment with regard to plane x =o, and R is the volume of a briquette whose ordinate at (x,.,y s) is found by multiplying by pq x r P - 1 ys 4-1 the volume of that portion of the original briquette which lies between the planes x =xo, y =yo, y = ys.

  • As regards the funicular diagram, let LM be the line on which the pairs of corresponding sides of the two polygons meet, and through it draw any two planes w, w.

  • - anp, Anterior neural pore; be, rudiment of buccal skeleton; c, cilia; cb, ciliated band; cc, ciliated groove; cm, cilia at margin of mouth; gl, external opening of club-shaped gland; Hn, Hatschek's nephridium; lm, left metapleur; n, notochord; pp, praeoral pit; ps, primary gill-slits, I, 5, and 13; rm, right metapleur showing through.

  • - a, Atrium; al, alimentary canal; y blood-vessel; cv, cerebral vesicle; df, dorsal section of myocoel (= fin spaces); e, " eyespot"; end, endostyle; gl, club-shaped gland; lm, edge of left metapleur; m, lower edge of mouth; n, notochord; nt, pigmented nerve tube; ps, primary gill-slits, I, 9, and 14; rc, renal cells on atrial floor; rm, edge of right metapleur; so, sense organ opening into praeoral pit; ss, thickenings, the rudiments of the row of secondary gill-slits.

  • These acts were 'a' lm se consolidated and amended by a statute of 1894, and the county council remain the local authority for the execution of that act in counties.

  • 1, curve a); the fixed line LM is termed the base, and the line PQ which divides the curve symmetrically is the axis.

  • The b co-ordinates of any point R on the a ?/' t11®V1 a cycloid are expressible in the form x=a(8-}-sin 0); y=a (I -cos 0), M where the co-ordinate axes are the tangent at the vertex 0 and the axis of the curve, a is the radius of the generating circle, and 0 the angle R'CO, where RR' is parallel to LM and C is the centre of the circle in its symmetric position.

  • lm, Longitudinal t, Tentacles.

  • Take a rod LMN bent at right angles at M, such that MN= AB; let the leg LM always pass through a fixed point 0 on AB produced such that OA = CA, where C is the middle point of AB, and cause N to travel along the line perpendicular to AB at C; then the midpoint of MN traces the cissoid.

  • Bringing LM stuff and social capital together also suggests another point: could generalized reciprocity be applied in the economic sphere?

  • Linda Masquefa (LM): I was always a "girly" girl growing up.

  • LM: My past business experiences have taught me about marketing and sales, but most importantly about people and customer service.

  • LM: I'm obsessed with the teal stingray clutch at the moment.

  • LM: I was vacationing in Panama, and when I visited this crocodile farm, I fell in love with whole "essence" and exotic nature of crocodiles.

  • LM: There are very few designers today who use exotic skins on the level you see with some of these gorgeous vintage bags, and I can see why-the cutting and sewing of these materials really requires true artisan craftsmanship.

  • LM: One of the most important principles for me as a designer is exclusivity.

  • LM: Awards season has been crazy with celebrities requesting accessories to go with their gowns.

  • LM: I have a few day bags in the works, including some totes and shoulder bags.

  • LM: Well, aside from handbags, my must-have accessory is a pet carrier.

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