Ignoble sentence examples

  • The character of the first Medician pope shows a peculiar mixture of noble and ignoble qualities.

  • This, which is now chiefly used in the sense of inferior, low, ignoble, or of avaricious, penurious, "stingy," meant originally that which is common to more persons or things than one.

  • to) The gist of it, omitting a few repetitions, is as follows: "There are two aims which he who has given up the world ought not to follow after - devotion, on the one hand, to those things whose attractions depend upon the passions, a low and pagan ideal, fit only for the worldly-minded, ignoble, unprofitable, and the practice on the other hand of asceticism, which is painful, ignoble, unprofitable.

  • Mining times in California brought out some of the most ignoble and some of the best traits of American character.

  • A second type of hedonism - less ignoble, but perhaps also less logical - calls men to seek the happiness of others.

  • But his long reign is unstained by a single ignoble deed, and he devoted himself heart and soul to the promotion of the material and spiritual welfare of Denmark.

  • The old age of Trembecki appears to have been ignoble and neglected; he had indeed "fallen upon evil days and evil tongues"; and when he died at an advanced age all the gay courtiers of whom he had been the parasite were either dead or had submitted to the Muscovite yoke.

  • It was a noble end to what, in spite of its besetting sin of infirmity of moral purpose, was a not ignoble life.

  • The student who secures his coveted leisure and retirement by systematically shirking any labor necessary to man obtains but an ignoble and unprofitable leisure, defrauding himself of the experience which alone can make leisure fruitful.

  • ignoble reasons.

  • Ashmole cites authorities for the contention that knighthood ennobles, insomuch that whosoever is a knight it necessarily follows that he is also a gentleman; " for, when a king gives the dignity to an ignoble person whose merit he would thereby recompense, he is understood to have conferred whatsoever is requisite for the completing of that which he bestows."

  • His temper was hot, kept under rigid control; his disposition tender, gentle and loving, with flashing scorn and indignation against all that was ignoble and impure; he was a good husband, father and friend.

  • In the days of a king of Egypt named Timaeus the land was suddenly invaded from the east by men of ignoble race, who conquered it without a struggle, destroyed cities and temples, and slew or enslaved the inhabitants.

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  • The efforts of life eventually transmute the ignoble into illustrious nobility.

  • ignoble purposes.

  • But, above all, the central figure of his book redeems it from the possibility of the charge of being commonplace or ignoble.

  • ignoble animal that he deals with.

  • Will not be ignoble and say the harsh thing, but only insinuate it.

  • By his championship of the national policy he had raised up formidable foes abroad without securing a single friend or supporter at home, 6 and his fidelity to the national interests was now, through a very mean and ignoble act of personal spite, to be the occasion of his downfall.

  • De contree en contree allant au monde entier, Offrir sa joie ignoble et son faste grossier."

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