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ides Sentence Examples

  • After fresh trouble with the clergy, he returned to Paris and published a defence of his theories in a work entitled Ides sur la politique de Platon et d'Aristole.

  • Ides, counting inclusively.

  • In the months of March, May, July and October, the Ides fell on the 5th day, and the Nones consequently on the 7th; so that each of these months had six days named from the Nones.

  • Special sacrifices were offered on the kalends, nones, and ides of every month, and on the occasion of important family events.

  • Beyond the limits of his personal travels Herodotus applied the characteristically Greek theory of symmetry to complete, in the unknown, outlines The ides of lands and rivers analogous to those which had been of symexplored.

  • Instead of distinguishing the days by the ordinal numbers first,, second, third, &c., the Romans counted backwards from three fixed epochs, namely, the Calends, the Nones and the Ides.

  • From these three terms the days received their denomination in the following manner: - Those which were comprised between the Calends and the Nones were called the days before the Nones; those between the Nones and the Ides were called the days before the Ides; and, lastly, all the days after the Ides to the end of the month were called the days before the Calends of the succeeding month.

  • The number of days receiving their denomination from the Calends depended on the number of days in the month and the day on which the Ides fell.

  • For example, if the month contained 31 days and the Ides fell on the 13th, as was the case in January, August and December, there would remain 18 days after the Ides, which, added to the first of the following month, made 19 days of Calends.

  • The tragedy of the Ides of March saved Mesopatamia and the East from a great campaign by Julius Caesar, and it was at the hands of Ventidius Bassus, and west of the Euphrates, at Gindarus (north east of Antioch), that the Parthians received the check that put an end to any real rivalry with Rome.

  • On the Ides (15th) of March 1359 a French fleet sacked Winchelsea, carrying off the women and girls.

  • This proposal broke on the refusal of the peror Francis Joseph to cede Austrian territory except as the lIt of a struggle; and Napoleon, won over by Biswarck at famous interview at Biarritz, once more took.up the ides of Prusso-Italian offensive and defensive alliance.

  • In all the other months the Ides were on the 13th and the Nones on the 5th; consequently there were only four days named from the Nones.

  • Every month had eight days named from the Ides.

  • This college was under the protection of the god; its annual festival was on the 15th (the ides) of May, on which day the temple of the god had been dedicated at the southern end of the Circus Maximus, near the Aventine; and the members were called mercuriales as well as mercatores.

  • The form in des has persisted only in those verbs where it was protected by the consonants n or r preceding it: pondes, tendes, vindes, amardes, and also no doubt in some forms of the present of the imperative, where the theme has been reduced to an extraordinary degree by the disappearance of a consonant and the contraction of vowels: ides, credes, ledes, &c. Portuguese is the only Romance language which possesses a personal or conjugated infinitive: amar, amer-es, amar, a,nar-mos, amer-des, amar-em; e.g.

  • The 2nd persons plural have stili their old form ades, edes, ides, so that in this rnstance it would seem as if Gaflego had been arrested in its progress while Portuguese had gone on progressing; but it is to be observed that with these full forms the grammarians admit contracted forms as well: ds (Port.

  • The dedication day of the temple was the 19th of March, the great festival of Minerva, called quinquatrus, because it fell on the fifth day after the ides.

  • add any relevant ides to this folder and write-protect the disk (on a CD/R or CD/RW close the session ).

  • And scan has a limited range, they don't sell much TBH, they have the round ides.

  • Strangely enough, most go silent when I ask how many other ides they've used for a significant amount of time.

  • Next time you run it, it acknowledges the new ides in the bottom of its window.

  • ides network.

  • None of the major development environmentsâand this includes Java idesâhave integrated unit testing directly into the development IDEs.

  • The Ides (from an obsolete verb iduare, to divide) were at the middle of the month, either the 13th or the 15th day; and the Nones were the ninth day before the Latin.

  • in ades, edes, ides lost the d in the 15th century, and have now become ais, eis, is, through the intermediate forms aes, ees, eis.

  • The Artistic Garden provides how-to tips and ides for designing colorful home container gardens.

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