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Calumnies sentence examples

  • v.), form the next group. These must be used with the utmost caution, because even the earliest orthodox writers give currency to many misconceptions and calumnies.

  • The Bishop of Worcester's Letter to a friend for Vindication of himself from the Calumnies of Mr Richard Baxter (London, 1662).

  • Every bond of intercourse was broken, and in the Catholic Churches the worst calumnies were retailed about the deceased prophets and the leaders of the societies they had founded.

  • revealed the depth of the hatred which her own follies and the calumnies of her enemies had aroused against her.

  • There was an end to the calumnies circulated against her, based on the poetical homage rendered her by Theobald IV., count of Champagne, and the prolonged stay in Paris of the papal legate, Romano Bonaventura, cardinal of Sant' Angelo.

  • by a second "Farmer's Letter," The Congress Canvassed (1774), answered by Alexander Hamilton in A Full Vindication of the Measures of the Congress, from the Calumnies of their Enemies.

  • Richard had, however, denounced the calumnies, and at once recalled his uncle.

  • So deeply wounded was the hero by these calumnies that when in 1619 he was sent against the Turks he publicly declared that he would never return alive unless victorious.

  • Scaliger undoubtedly shows that Scioppius committed more blunders than he corrected, that his book literally bristles with pure lies and baseless calumnies; but he does not succeed in adducing a single proof either of his father's descent from the La Scala family, or of any single event narrated by Julius as happening to himself or any member of this family prior to his arrival at Agen.

  • Hamilton's pamphlets were entitled " A Full Vindication of the Measures of the Congress from the Calumnies of their Enemies," and " The Farmer Refuted."

  • "The best tribute to its value is afforded by the fact that it has since been frequently reprinted in all parts of Europe when the calumnies it denounced have been revived" (L.

  • calumny>Such calumnies are easy to utter but hard to refute in a foreign country.

  • calumny, min. of Dumfries, answering some gross calumnies in his pamphlet entitled " A short History of Rome's Designs, &c.

  • During the winter the calumnies against the queen were revived by Fitzharris,who, however, before his execution in 1681 confessed to their falsity; and after the revival of the king's influence subsequent to the Oxford parliament, the queen's position was no more assailed.

  • He is said to have published a biography of Aristotle, in which the calumnies of other biographers were refuted.

  • The veneration in which he was held by the Athenians serves to dissipate the calumnies which have been thrown on his character by Andreas, and the whole tone of his writings bespeaks a man of the highest integrity and purest morality.

  • Three polemical works require mention: Contra cujusdam anonymi Galli calumnies apologia, Contra medicum quendam invectivarum libri, and De sui ipsius et multorum ignorantia - controversial and sarcastic compositions, which grew out of Petrarch's quarrels with the physicians of Avignon and the Averroists of Padua.

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